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Automatic line Kraftline. Production of French baguettes, half bagettes and traditional baguettes.

Rolling line with the integrated proofer. Production of rolls.

Rolling Line with the Armor ABS moulder. Production of elongated rolls.

AquaPan 6000 - bread line for production of ciabatta, focacia, rustic bread, artisan bread, buns...

Flexiline 1.8 automatic production line: 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 baguette

Production of the Tradition baguettes, dried fruit bread, cereal bread and buns on the RheoPan automatic bread line. Line installed at Sabor de France (Brazil).

Automatic baguettes and buns production line FlexiLine 1.8 with the semi-industrial moulder 3Form and automatic loading system.

Dough pieces "L"-shape loading system.

Dough division (dough pieces in 1 & 2 rows) on the automatic divider RheoPan Precision.

TopdSeeds automatic seeds deposit on dough pieces, coming out of the RheoPan Precision divider (seed square bread, seed ciabatta,…).

Production of baguettes Tradition and French baguettes on the EasyLine Tradition automatic bread line with the EasyRest mini-proofer.

Production of baguettes, 1/2 baguettes, 1/3 baguettes, 1/4 baguettes on the FlexiLine 2.5 automatic brad line.

Production of ciabatta bread on the AquaPan 2000 automatic bread line.

Production of ciabatta bread on the AquaPan 6500 automatic bread line.

Production of ciabatta bread on the AquaPan 7 500 automatic bread line.

Production of ciabatta bread of different sizes on the AquaPan 9000 automatic bread line.

Production of the buns (1/5 of baguette) on the FlexiLine 2.5 automatic bread line.

Production of the large range of breads on the RheoPan automatic line.

Production of baguettes, round-end baguettes, buns, flat bread, sandwich bread on the manual group specially designed for craft bakeries.

Automatic dough pieces scoring on the Grigne Pains automatic scarifier.

Sandwich bread production on the RheoPan automatic production bread line.

Production of baguettes and breads on the RheoPan automatic bread line. Line installed at Le Fournil de Tréodet (Quimper, France).

Dough bin elevator for continuous feeding of the RheoPan Precision divider.

Dough pieces "I"-shape loading system.

Production of French baguettes, point-ended baguettes and buns on the BMF Tradition automatic group.

Dough pieces resting in the BMF Mecaform intermadiate proofer.

Dough pieces resting in the EasyRest automatic intermadiate proofer.

Dough pieces resting in the automatic intermediate proofer Mecaform Industry.

Baguettes and pizza dough balls production on the Mecaform Armor I semi-automatic bread line.

Dough pieces rounding on the ConiBall R automatic rounder.

Round dough pieces production on the EasyLine automatic bread line. Dough division on the Lofty volumetric divider-weigher and dough rounding on the RotaBall eccentric rounder.

Production of the short loaves on the Roller Dual automatic rounder-moulder.

Production of round dough pieces (75g and 4kg) and ciabatta bread (75g and 350g) on the automatic eccentric rounder RheoPan RotaBall By-Pass. Dough pieces divided on the automatic divider RheoPan Precision.

Dough block division on the Diva Ronde 20-division hydraulic divider.

Advantages of the Stradivario automatic divider-shaper. Production of square-end baguettes, round-end baguettes and rustic pavé bread.

Baguette and rustic pavé bread production on the automatic divider-shaper Stradivario. Machine demonstrations during the 2020 Europain trade show.

Production of the baguettes, rustic pavé bread and rolls on the automatic divider-shaper Atoupains Cycl'Auto.

Folding table FlexiTable for dividers and divider-shapers.

Dough block and machine tank flouring in a single action with the automatic flour duster AutoFlour.

Step-by-step production of the large range of breads on the Atoupains divider-shaper

Production of a large range of breads (baguettes, buns, rustic pavé bread) on the Atoupains divider-shaper.

Buns production on the Polo Auto semi-automatic divider-rounder

Production of rolls on the Polo Auto Premium automatic divider-rounder.

Setting up and round dough pieces division on the Lofty automatic divider-weigher.

Pizza dough balls production on EasyLine automatic line composed of the Softy volumetric divider and RotaBall eccentric rounder.

Dough division on the Softy automatic volumetric divider.

"Line production launch" tutorial and production of the round, elongated and flat buns on the PolyCombi Rolling Line.

Production of round, long and flat buns, brioche bread, hamburgers, pizza, scones, rolls, ... on  the PolyCombi Rolling Line.

Baguette, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 baguette production on Proform semi-industrial moulder.

Production of a large range of breads on the Tregor vertical moulder: baguettes, sandwich bread, large loaves, brioches, buns,...

Production of a large range of breads on the Armor ABS horizontal moulder (baguettes, sandwich bread, buns, point-ended bread, brioche, short loaves,...)

Baguettes production on Armor HV (High volumes) horizontal moulder.

Baguette production on the Armor I semi-industrial moulder.

Baguette and 1/4 baguette production on the 3Form semi-industrial moulder.

Production of the square-end, round-end baguettes and buns on the Stradivario automatic divider-shaper.

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