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connected automatic divider-shaper for dough pieces division

Same as Div'X GOLD + connected machine
The Div-Smart offers a connected solution, allowing you among others to save the recipe parameters or to export daily production reports. Alerts to assist you in cleaning and maintenance operations to increase machine longevity.

hydraulic fat press for spreading dough or fat

Fat press

Ideal for pastry, to prepare dough blocks before rolling.
Tank capacity - from 3kg to 20kg.

hydraulic divider-shaper for dough division

The Atoupains offers all the versatility of classic divider-shaper. Above all, it has built its reputation in the market thanks to the quality of the baguettes that it allows to obtain thanks to the AlveoForm system. No more slicing marks, it's time for beautiful, well-shaped baguettes, with round or square ends!

 connected automatic divider for dough division

Designed on the same basis as the Div-Smart divider-shaper, this new automatic and connected machine can also produce 10 baguettes in 10 seconds, without using the grid holder, after having simply closed the lid (50% less handling). In addition, thanks to the AlvéoForm tray, no need to transfer the dough pieces twice before placing in the oven!

volumetric weigher-divider with pressure hopper for dough division

The Softy divider can ensure high dividing rates, up to 2700 pieces/h. Its robustness and reliability make it the perfect divider for feeding semi-industrial production lines.

automatic dough block divider for bakeries

Automatic division of blocks of dough to feed, in particular, divider-shapers, ciabatta machines, etc. This avoids laborious devatting and weighing operations, while increasing productivity.
Up to 2 400 dough pieces/h.

machine for dividing the dough into blocks and feeding the automatic proofer

In addition to producing blocks of dough to feed, in particular, divider-shapers, ciabatta machines,... the Divbloc Dual can also feed the intermediate proofer of your automatic group. One machine for 2 functions, save space and increase productivity!
Up to 2 400 dough pieces/h.

automatic dividing machine for stress-free dividing of all types of dough

The RheoPan Precision automatic divider is the head of the RheoPan line. Thanks to the weighing of the dough pieces and the automatic adjustment of the settings, it divides with great precision of weight, and without stress, both strongly hydrated and/or fermented doughs as well as hard doughs.
Up to 850kg/dough/h max (depending on model).

volumetric automatic divider weigher with open hopper

The Lofty divider can automatically divide dough pieces for breads and baguettes from 1 000 to 2 400 pieces/h. Its hopper with a capacity of approximately 200kg of dough gives the possibility of pouring a complete kneader into it. It is the basis of most MERAND automatic groups.

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