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Wholesale bakery

Semi-industrial and industrial bakeries have to manage high production volumes while offering a wide range of quality breads to their increasingly demanding customers. Production managers have to deal with high turnover, not always highly qualified staff and high production peaks at certain times of the year. Due to increased competition, your company has to face multiple challenges, including:

  • Quality and regularity of bread
  • Management of bread shortages and limitation of unsold products
  • Need for reliable, robust equipment, mechanically dimensioned to accept production volumes and rates
  • Need for equipment that is easy to clean and use
  • Labour and time management, recruitment and training of qualified personnel
  • Safety at work, respect for employees' working conditions, reduction of MSD (Musculoskeletal Disorders)
  • Management and traceability of raw materials
  • Optimisation of your development (cost reduction, profitability, etc.)
  • Compliance with production standards, available surface area, cleanliness of premises

As a specialist in the mechanisation of dough, MERAND is constantly working, in particular with its R&D and baker-consultant teams, to provide solutions that take these requirements into account.

horizontal stainless steel moulder on evacuation belt for high production volumes

The Armor HV horizontal moulder includes all the features of the Armor Tradition model, but also is reinforced to keep higher daily rates. The included Tradition Pack will allow you to limit the degassing of your dough.
Up to 1 800 pieces/h.
Dough pieces from 50g to 2000g.

horizontal moulder for moulding traditional and point ended baguettes

The Armor Allonge+ model, like the Armor HV model, has a stainless steel body, a reinforced transmission and a feeding belt. Its upper extension is, however, carried out by means of a motorised belt, allowing a greater extension of the dough pieces.
Up to 1 800 pieces/h.
Dough pieces from 50g to 2 000g.

 industrial moulding machine for high volume production of baguettes and bread

The Amor I moulder can produce up to 2 000 dough pieces/hour, and this for about 16 hours/day. Its 5 pre-laminating and laminating rollers, motorized flour duster and 1st calibrated extension help to improve the regularity and quality of finished products.
Dough pieces from 200g to 2 000g.

industrial moulder for moulding of all types of dough in high volumes

The 3Form semi-industrial moulder allows a very high degree of regularity in dough lengthening, as well as an optimum respect for the dough thanks to its progressive 3-step shaping. Possibility of automatic cutting into 1/4, 1/3 or 1/2 baguettes, with automatic deposit on trays.
Up to 1 800 pieces/h.
Dough pieces from 50 g to 1 450g.

industrial moulder for moulding baguettes and rolls in industrial bakeries

It is the largest moulder in the MERAND range, capable of producing up to 2 500 baguettes/h during several production sessions. Its touch screen and C2A (Assisted Elongation Control) system give it great flexibility, and offer optimum bread regularity and quality.
Dough pieces from 50g to 2 000g.

automatic dividing machine for stress-free dividing of all types of dough

The RheoPan Precision automatic divider is the head of the RheoPan line. Thanks to the weighing of the dough pieces and the automatic adjustment of the settings, it divides with great precision of weight, and without stress, both strongly hydrated and/or fermented doughs as well as hard doughs.
Up to 850kg/dough/h max (depending on model).

volumetric weigher-divider with pressure hopper for dough division

The Softy divider can ensure high dividing rates, up to 2700 pieces/h. Its robustness and reliability make it the perfect divider for feeding semi-industrial production lines.

automatic divider-rounder for dividing and rounding all types of dough

Automatic divider-rounding machine, suitable for dividing and rounding soft and firm dough on a semi-industrial and industrial scale.
Up to 3 000 pieces/h.
Pieces from 10g to 360g (depending on piston size).

eccentric rounder for final dough pieces rounder after resting

Its movements are similar to manual rounding, and ensure great respect for the dough and excellent results, even with very hydrated or fermented doughs.
Up to 1 800 pieces/h.
Dough pieces from 75g to 4000g.

eccentric rounder for dough pieces rounding with no stress for the dough

If the production of bread balls is important, it is possible to complete the Rheopan line by adding the RheoPan RotaBall rounding module.
Up to 1 800 pieces/h.
Dough pieces from 75g to 4000g.

conical rounder for dough pieces pre-rounding in bakery

The conical rounder ConiBall F1 is well suited for pre-rolling a wide variety of doughs, such as rye-based doughs, multi-grain doughs, hard doughs and all types of dough pieces that need to be rounded or short-formed.
Up to 2 000 pieces/h.
Dough pieces from 100g to 1 000g.

conical rounder designed for pre-rounding of large variety of doughs

The ConiBall R conical rounder is well suited for pre-rounding a very wide variety of doughs. Its adjustable channels allow it to round a wider range of weights than a conventional conical rounder.
Up to 2 000 pieces/h.
Dough pieces from 30g to 1 600g.

rounder-moulder for dough pieces rounding and short loaves moulding

The Roller Dual incorporates the characteristics of the RotaBall eccentric rounder but additionally has a moulder.
Up to 1 800 pieces/h.
Dough pieces from 75g to 4000g.

foldable conveyor belt for the automatic line
Conveyors & automatic loading systems

Conveyor RheoPan WorkBelt

Positioned at the exit of the dividing or rounding machine to convey the dough pieces to other modules or to allow the dough pieces to be worked manually thanks to the 2 lateral working shelves.

automatic lift of the plastic bins with the dough to feed the divider
Conveyors & automatic loading systems

Dough trays elevator RheoPan Lifter

Dough tray lifter allows continuous feeding of the RheoPan Precision divider with rectangular trays (not supplied).

automatic dough pieces scoring machine for baguettes and bread in bakery

The Grigne Pains scarifier reproduces the ancestral gesture of the baker: the grigne of the dough pieces before loading. Up to 1,000 blade strokes/minute. Straight and oblique cut.

automatic bread line for baguette and bread high volumes production for semi-automatic bakeries

Particularly suitable for the production of baguettes and rolls, this line can produce up to 2 500 baguettes/hour, for a daily production of about 50 000 baguettes.

automatic production line for sandwich bread and short loaves composed of bakery intermediate proofer volumetric divider and industrial moulder

The KraftLine range of machines is particularly suitable for the production of large round and elongated but rather short dough pieces. The production volume of the KraftLine 2.0 is 2 000 dough pieces/h

 automatic line for sandwich bread production in semi-industrial bakery

The KraftLine range of machines is particularly suitable for production of large round and elongated but rather short dough pieces. The output of the KraftLine 2.5 is up to 2 500 dough pieces/h.

automatic production line for ciabatta focaccia kebab type bread in semi-automatic bakery

The AquaPan® 5000, 6000 and 6500 models are equipped with an automatic dough piece depositing system on the supports (boards, nets...).

automatic line for semi-automatic bakery for hydrated dough

The AquaPan® 7000 and 7500 models are equipped with an automatic system for depositing the dough pieces on the supports (boards, nets...).

automatic production bread line composed of automatic divider rounder moulder and dough bins elevator

The range of machines that make up the RheoPan System makes it possible to produce a wide variety of products with different types of dough without any stress and with very good precision in the weights.

bakery machine for depositing seeds and cereals on dough pieces
Conveyors & automatic loading systems

TopSeeds cereal addition module

The TopSeeds cereal distribution system allows you to automatically place seeds on top of the dough pieces.

continuous dough feeding bakery equipment
Conveyors & automatic loading systems

Continuous dough feeding system for AquaPan

This system cuts dough blocks (10 to 20kg) and deposits them with great regularity on the infeed belt, without degassing the dough.

retractable belt for automatic depositing of dough pieces on conveyor plates or boards
Conveyors & automatic loading systems

Retractable belt

This retractable belt optimises the depositing of the dough pieces in the nets or on trays, especially for small loaves, as the depositing is perfectly controlled.

automatic l-shaped deposit of shaped dough pieces on fillets
Conveyors & automatic loading systems

L-shaped automatic loading system

The automatic "L" shaped tray depositor deposits the shaped dough pieces one by one as soon as they come out of the moulder.

automatic dough piece in-line deposit in semi-industrial bakeries
Conveyors & automatic loading systems

I-shaped automatic loading system

In-line deposits are particularly suitable for immediate or future connection to the MecaRacks system.

automatic depositing of baguettes and bread on fillets or trays
Conveyors & automatic loading systems

Automatic loading on trays DAF

Automatic depositing on trays or DAF plates allows high productivity, labour savings and a better appearance of the shaped rolls as they are not handled by the operators.

automatic dough pieces in-line deposit with a lift for a single operator
Conveyors & automatic loading systems

Lift-Deposit automatic loading system

The lift removal system has been designed to allow a single operator to manage the nets, while giving him a great deal of autonomy to carry out other operations (exemple loading the trolleys in the fermentation chambers).

 bakery machine for dough lamination

The cross-laminating system optimises the regularity of the dough strip.

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