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The rounding process allows the restructuring of the dough's glutinous network and the increase the strength of the dough pieces. Depending on the characteristics of the dough, the dough pieces are tightened more or less strongly.

Pre-rolling is mainly done with 3 types of machines:

  • Pre-rounding tiles on automatic dividers. Their main asset is that they are very big and they are included in the divider.
  • Strip rounders have 2 belts that turn in opposite directions. The disadvantage of these rounders is that they take a lot of space and they tend to round the dough balls into "pear shape" balls rather than nicely rounded dough balls which makes it more difficult to elongate in the moulder.
  • Conical rounders (there are some conical rounders with fixed channels and others with changeable channels)

Rounding after proofing is mainly done with 2 types of machines:

  • Conical rounders can be used before proofing as well as after automatic proofing. They are well suited for hard or sticky doughs like rye based doughs but not very recommended for a final rounding.
  • Eccentric rounders are usually more popular for the final rounding of dough balls because they respect more the dough, especially for soft and fragile doughs for which the baker will want to keep the airy structure.
semi-automatic divider-rounder for round rolls production

The Polo divider-rounder is suitable for the production of small round loaves. The dough block will be equalized, divided, then rounded for an amazing result!

automatic divider-rounder for round rolls

The Premium version of the Polo Auto has additionally a touch screen allowing the recipe parameters to be memorized (up to 100 recipes for burgers, pizzas, brioches, etc.).

eccentric rounder for final dough pieces rounder after resting

Its movements are similar to manual rounding, and ensure great respect for the dough and excellent results, even with very hydrated or fermented doughs.
Up to 1 800 pieces/h.
Dough pieces from 75g to 4000g.

eccentric rounder for dough pieces rounding with no stress for the dough

If the production of bread balls is important, it is possible to complete the Rheopan line by adding the RheoPan RotaBall rounding module.
Up to 1 800 pieces/h.
Dough pieces from 75g to 4000g.

rounder-moulder for dough pieces rounding and short loaves moulding

The Roller Dual incorporates the characteristics of the RotaBall eccentric rounder but additionally has a moulder.
Up to 1 800 pieces/h.
Dough pieces from 75g to 4000g.

conical rounder for dough pieces pre-rounding in bakery

The conical rounder ConiBall F1 is well suited for pre-rolling a wide variety of doughs, such as rye-based doughs, multi-grain doughs, hard doughs and all types of dough pieces that need to be rounded or short-formed.
Up to 2 000 pieces/h.
Dough pieces from 100g to 1 000g.

conical rounder designed for pre-rounding of large variety of doughs

The ConiBall R conical rounder is well suited for pre-rounding a very wide variety of doughs. Its adjustable channels allow it to round a wider range of weights than a conventional conical rounder.
Up to 2 000 pieces/h.
Dough pieces from 30g to 1 600g.

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