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vertical moulder for shaping baguettes and loaves in the bakery industry

For decades, the Tregor model has built MERAND's reputation around the world. Economical, reliable and efficient, this moulder is the best-seller of the range.
Up to 1 800 pieces/h. Dough pieces from 50g to 1 450g.

horizontal moulder for moulding traditional and point ended baguettes

The Armor Allonge+ model, like the Armor HV model, has a stainless steel body, a reinforced transmission and a feeding belt. Its upper extension is, however, carried out by means of a motorised belt, allowing a greater extension of the dough pieces.
Up to 1 800 pieces/h.
Dough pieces from 50g to 2 000g.

 industrial moulding machine for high volume production of baguettes and bread

The Amor I moulder can produce up to 2 000 dough pieces/hour, and this for about 16 hours/day. Its 5 pre-laminating and laminating rollers, motorized flour duster and 1st calibrated extension help to improve the regularity and quality of finished products.
Dough pieces from 200g to 2 000g.

industrial moulder for moulding baguettes and rolls in industrial bakeries

It is the largest moulder in the MERAND range, capable of producing up to 2 500 baguettes/h during several production sessions. Its touch screen and C2A (Assisted Elongation Control) system give it great flexibility, and offer optimum bread regularity and quality.
Dough pieces from 50g to 2 000g.

horizontal stainless steel moulder on evacuation belt for high production volumes

The Armor HV horizontal moulder includes all the features of the Armor Tradition model, but also is reinforced to keep higher daily rates. The included Tradition Pack will allow you to limit the degassing of your dough.
Up to 1 800 pieces/h.
Dough pieces from 50g to 2000g.

industrial moulder for moulding of all types of dough in high volumes

The 3Form semi-industrial moulder allows a very high degree of regularity in dough lengthening, as well as an optimum respect for the dough thanks to its progressive 3-step shaping. Possibility of automatic cutting into 1/4, 1/3 or 1/2 baguettes, with automatic deposit on trays.
Up to 1 800 pieces/h.
Dough pieces from 50 g to 1 450g.

horizontal baguette moulder

Armor moulders allow better respect for the dough thanks to their dough extension on a fixed table, thus reproducing manual shaping for optimal results.
Up to 1 800 pieces/h.
Dough pieces from 50g to 2 000g.

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