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continuous dough feeding bakery equipment
Conveyors & automatic loading systems

Continuous dough feeding system for AquaPan

This system cuts dough blocks (10 to 20kg) and deposits them with great regularity on the infeed belt, without degassing the dough.

automatic dough piece in-line deposit in semi-industrial bakeries
Conveyors & automatic loading systems

I-shaped automatic loading system

In-line deposits are particularly suitable for immediate or future connection to the MecaRacks system.

retractable belt for automatic depositing of dough pieces on conveyor plates or boards
Conveyors & automatic loading systems

Retractable belt

This retractable belt optimises the depositing of the dough pieces in the nets or on trays, especially for small loaves, as the depositing is perfectly controlled.

bakery machine for depositing seeds and cereals on dough pieces
Conveyors & automatic loading systems

TopSeeds cereal addition module

The TopSeeds cereal distribution system allows you to automatically place seeds on top of the dough pieces.

automatic lift of the plastic bins with the dough to feed the divider
Conveyors & automatic loading systems

Dough trays elevator RheoPan Lifter

Dough tray lifter allows continuous feeding of the RheoPan Precision divider with rectangular trays (not supplied).

foldable conveyor belt for the automatic line
Conveyors & automatic loading systems

Conveyor RheoPan WorkBelt

Positioned at the exit of the dividing or rounding machine to convey the dough pieces to other modules or to allow the dough pieces to be worked manually thanks to the 2 lateral working shelves.

automatic l-shaped deposit of shaped dough pieces on fillets
Conveyors & automatic loading systems

L-shaped automatic loading system

The automatic "L" shaped tray depositor deposits the shaped dough pieces one by one as soon as they come out of the moulder.

automatic dough pieces in-line deposit with a lift for a single operator
Conveyors & automatic loading systems

Lift-Deposit automatic loading system

The lift removal system has been designed to allow a single operator to manage the nets, while giving him a great deal of autonomy to carry out other operations (exemple loading the trolleys in the fermentation chambers).

automatic depositing of baguettes and bread on fillets or trays
Conveyors & automatic loading systems

Automatic loading on trays DAF

Automatic depositing on trays or DAF plates allows high productivity, labour savings and a better appearance of the shaped rolls as they are not handled by the operators.

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