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Machines & lines for dough balls

A boule, or pain-boule, is a traditional shape of bread in France. A loaf of this shape looks like a flattened ball. It is a rustic bread shape that can be made with any type of flour and leavened with different yeasts.
Because of its shape, the ball, or loaf, retains moisture better and takes longer to dry out, which allows it to keep longer than the long loaf. The "boule de campagne" is the most popular type of bread in France after the classic baguette and the traditional baguette.

semi-automatic divider-rounder for round rolls production

The Polo divider-rounder is suitable for the production of small round loaves. The dough block will be equalized, divided, then rounded for an amazing result!

automatic divider-rounder for round rolls

The Premium version of the Polo Auto has additionally a touch screen allowing the recipe parameters to be memorized (up to 100 recipes for burgers, pizzas, brioches, etc.).

eccentric rounder for final dough pieces rounder after resting

Its movements are similar to manual rounding, and ensure great respect for the dough and excellent results, even with very hydrated or fermented doughs.
Up to 1 800 pieces/h.
Dough pieces from 75g to 4000g.

eccentric rounder for dough pieces rounding with no stress for the dough

If the production of bread balls is important, it is possible to complete the Rheopan line by adding the RheoPan RotaBall rounding module.
Up to 1 800 pieces/h.
Dough pieces from 75g to 4000g.

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