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First baguette moulder Sprint

In 1954, the company designed its first moulder for baguettes called Sprint.

 In the 60s' MERAND expanded its range by adding the hydraulic dividers and other moulders.

 In the 70s' the company began designing various types of intermediate proofers and became a specialist in dough processing.

 In the 80s', the company began to design automatic groups for semi-industrial bakeries. In the meantime, they have made their first steps in selling bakery machines abroad where their know-how, specially in baguette moulders, has already been recognized.

 MERAND has also designed its own moulders that have been sold to other manufacturers who were selling them under their own brand. This was the case for example of Werner & Pfleiderer in Germany, Mono in UK and Rondo in the USA.

The Europain exhibition innovation trophy awarded to Yannick GERARD

 In 1994, Yannick GERARD, former CEO of MERAND, joined his father Pascal GERARD (passed away in 2010) who was the soul of MERAND and the instigator of the company strategy: to become the dough processing expert for baguettes and French breads. 

Yannick GERARD emphasised the development of MERAND by stopping the production of machines under other brands and by creating collaborations with dealers worldwide under the MERAND brand only. Today, around 50% of the annual turnover is made at the export.

 Maryse Badra joined his brother at late 90s' taking in charge the financial management of the company.

 In 2000, MERAND took over the activities of the Pan Eiffel company who was designing scoring machines called Grigne Pains. This enabled MERAND to be able to work with bigger clients: industrial bakeries.

Acquisition of MERAND by the Baelen group

 In 2008, MERAND took a strategic shift. In order to accelerate the development abroad, the company decided to stay the expert of dough processing but to expand the range to be able to divide and mould all types of bread in the world. The development of the range has been made thanks to the MERAND R&D department and with the help of some other European manufacturers.

 Today, MERAND offers machines and automatic lines for baguettes, ciabatta, focaccia, brioche, buns, rolls, sandwich bread, burgers, pizza,...

 In 2022 MERAND joined MachiNext, the special machines division of the BAELEN Group. In this context, Thierry CLAUSSE has just been appointed to the position of Managing Director. He succeeds Yannick GERARD, under whose leadership the company has experienced considerable international expansion, and increased growth on French territory.

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