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Merand mécapâte - headquarters in Brécé, France

Dough processing expert
Since 1954, MERAND Mécapâte, dough processing expert, has been manufacturing modern, scalable, functional and easy to clean bakery machines and automatic bread lines. For about 70 years now, bakers from all over the world are saving time and money while still respecting the dough and offering their clients high-quality products. Thanks to its rich experience, MERAND offers its clients the best solutions to their needs and supports them at every stage of their project.

Machine solutions
It is not always easy to find the best machine or automatic bread line that will meet all your needs and expectations. In order to facilitate this step, MERAND has built the demonstration center, called Baking Lab. It offers the valuable opportunity to test the solution before investment to be sure it is exactly what you are looking for.

MERAND in brief...

  • Specialist in bakery machinery and equipment since 1954
  • Baking Lab of 250m2
  • About 30 employees including 5 enployes in R&D
  • Turnover of 5 million euros in 2020
  • CEO: Thierry CLAUSSE
Need more information?

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