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Machines & lines for rolls

A bun is a small loaf of bread with a variety of shapes: round, square or oblong, and with a sweet or savoury taste. The term can refer to an ordinary, small loaf of bread served as a supplement to a meal, especially for saucing the plate, or to various recipes using bread dough: with cereals, olives, sesame seeds, bacon, etc...

hydraulic dividing machine with grid holder for dividing the dough

In addition to dividing 20 dough pieces up to 1 kg each, the Div'X can also divide pre-fermented dough, thanks to the adaptable grids available in the catalog. We therefore obtain ready-to-bake dough pieces, in different shapes, such as traditional breads, rustic bread, ciabatta, rolls, etc.

hydraulic divider-shaper for dough division

The Atoupains offers all the versatility of classic divider-shaper. Above all, it has built its reputation in the market thanks to the quality of the baguettes that it allows to obtain thanks to the AlveoForm system. No more slicing marks, it's time for beautiful, well-shaped baguettes, with round or square ends!

 connected automatic divider for dough division

Designed on the same basis as the Div-Smart divider-shaper, this new automatic and connected machine can also produce 10 baguettes in 10 seconds, without using the grid holder, after having simply closed the lid (50% less handling). In addition, thanks to the AlvéoForm tray, no need to transfer the dough pieces twice before placing in the oven!

horizontal baguette moulder

Armor moulders allow better respect for the dough thanks to their dough extension on a fixed table, thus reproducing manual shaping for optimal results.
Up to 1 800 pieces/h.
Dough pieces from 50g to 2 000g.

automatic divider-rounder for dividing and rounding all types of dough

Automatic divider-rounding machine, suitable for dividing and rounding soft and firm dough on a semi-industrial and industrial scale.
Up to 3 000 pieces/h.
Pieces from 10g to 360g (depending on piston size).

semi-automatic divider-rounder for round rolls production

The Polo divider-rounder is suitable for the production of small round loaves. The dough block will be equalized, divided, then rounded for an amazing result!

eccentric rounder for final dough pieces rounder after resting

Its movements are similar to manual rounding, and ensure great respect for the dough and excellent results, even with very hydrated or fermented doughs.
Up to 1 800 pieces/h.
Dough pieces from 75g to 4000g.

eccentric rounder for dough pieces rounding with no stress for the dough

If the production of bread balls is important, it is possible to complete the Rheopan line by adding the RheoPan RotaBall rounding module.
Up to 1 800 pieces/h.
Dough pieces from 75g to 4000g.

automatic line for production of baguettes and buns for semi-industrial bakeries

Particularly recommended for the production of baguettes and rolls, the production volume of the FlexiLine 1.5 is approximately 1 500 baguettes or rolls per hour.

automatic bread line for baguette and bread production for semi-industrial bakery

Particularly suitable for the production of long baguettes (without damaging the dough) and for cutting into small loaves thanks to the various exclusive systems.

automatic bread line for baguette and bread high volumes production for semi-automatic bakeries

Particularly suitable for the production of baguettes and rolls, this line can produce up to 2 500 baguettes/hour, for a daily production of about 50 000 baguettes.

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