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groupe automatique de production de baguettes blanches et baguettes tradition
Semi-automatic groups

PolyPains automatic bread line

Composed of the automatic DivBloc Dual dough block divider, the BMF automatic intermediate proofer and the Armor Tradition horizontal moulder, the PolyPains automatic group allows the production of a wide range of high quality white and traditional breads.

automatic line for semi-automatic bakery for hydrated dough

The AquaPan® 7000 and 7500 models are equipped with an automatic system for depositing the dough pieces on the supports (boards, nets...).

automatic line for the production of ciabatta focaccia kebab

The AquaPan 9000 semi-industrial bread line allows high production rates with only one operator.

bakery machine for depositing seeds and cereals on dough pieces
RheoPan Line

RheoPan TopSeeds

Automatic seed deposit especially suitable for dough pieces coming out of theRheoPan® Précision.

automatic production bread line for rolls buns pizza burgers mini brioche composed of divider-rounder and moulder

Automatic line with divider-roller Rl 2/2

automatic bread production line composed of volumetric divider conveyor belt and horizontal moulder for bakery

Automatic line for gluten free bread

automatic production bread line composed of automatic divider rounder moulder and dough bins elevator

The range of machines that make up the RheoPan System makes it possible to produce a wide variety of products with different types of dough without any stress and with very good precision in the weights.

automatic line for production of baguettes and buns for semi-industrial bakeries

Particularly recommended for the production of baguettes and rolls, the production volume of the FlexiLine 1.5 is approximately 1 500 baguettes or rolls per hour.

automatic bread line for baguette and bread high volumes production for semi-automatic bakeries

Particularly suitable for the production of baguettes and rolls, this line can produce up to 2 500 baguettes/hour, for a daily production of about 50 000 baguettes.

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