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Our expertise and knowledge


In 1954, the company produced its first shaper called Sprint. This was a real revolution in the bakery world as at that time bakers had to shape dough by hand. The challenge was to automatically reproduce manual moulding.

The Sprint shaper was a horizontal shaper with a fixed table extension. Since then, MERAND has developed a complete range of shapers, dividers, intermediate proofers, scoring machines and automatic bread lines.

Its experience of almost 70 years is a tremendous asset serving bakers all over the world.

The entire MERAND team works with one goal in mind:

The optimisation of dough shaping. From the engineers in the design office, to the sales staff, technicians and production operators, their scope of action is focused on dividers, shapers, intermediate proofers and scoring machines.

MERAND design office - dough and bread mechanization machine for bakery
Merand mécpâte receives the Innovation Award from the Europain trade show

Permanent innovation
Alvéo+, Rollscoup, Pointop, Nyltex, ... numerous patents and inventions testify MERAND's innovation. Every day, MERAND engineers work in partnership with bakers to create new machines adapted to their constantly changing needs.

Our credo: "Innovation at the service of bakers and the respect of the Bakery Tradition".

Turnkey solutions
As a specialist manufacturer, MERAND provides you with turnkey solutions. From the search for partners for the other components of the line, to the coordination of the project, the installation, as well as the training of the staff, we are your true partner.

If you want to organise a complex production line, MERAND can take care of the entire project.

Test your solution... before investing
With an area of approximately 250m2, the demonstration center - MERAND Baking Lab is available for testing machines and automatic bread lines by investors who wish to ensure the quality of the final results. Equipped with a large number of MERAND machines, the Baking Lab is also used to create events (MERAND Baking Days) that bring together players from the BVP sector for themed demonstrations. 

Assisted by a team of our head baker and our engineers during demonstrations throughout the year, you can test your solution in "real life". You will benefit from the international experience of our experts in the MERAND Baking Lab. They will advise you on a wide range of products, dough types and processes for efficient production.

Our values
Since 1954, our teams of technicians and bakers have been working together to design bakery machines in line with our values:

Respect for the dough and the baking tradition
Innovation to offer more versatility to our machines thanks to accessories for all types of bread
Modularity and evolutivity so that our equipment can accompany the development of our clients

MERAND Baking Lab demonstration center for mechanization of dough and breads
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