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Alliance Fournil Concept

Alliance Fournil Concept is the association of five French companies specialised in equipment for the bakery-pastry industry.

Refrigerated rooms, storage cabinets, deck and rotary ovens, machines for dough mechanisation, moulds and silicone parts or even pastocrèmes and pastocuiseurs, we have all the supplies to meet the needs of your activity.

Complementary specialists in the bakery-pastry industry (MAP, Maé, Hengel, Hubert Cloix) have joined forces and created the company Alliance Fournil Concept to provide you with turnkey solutions that are innovative, cost-effective and adapted to all production volumes.
Alliance Fournil Concept provides a custom-made, turnkey (or partial) solution to the needs of multi-shop bakers, supermarkets, chain-franchises and semi-industrial bakeries.

 The ingredients and equipment are adapted to follow your recipes from A to Z.

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alliance fournil concept

MERAND: designer and manufacturer of bakery machines and automatic bread lines, specialising in dough processing for almost 70 years.

MAE : baking and freezing equipment for intensive use - silicone moulds, bread nets, Fibermaé, baking trolleys, stainless steel grids, aluminium sheets.

HENGEL: french designer-innovator and manufacturer for over 30 years of premium freezing, preservation (positive and negative cold) and controlled fermentation equipment.

MAP: manufacturer of ovens for bakeries, pastry shops, restaurants and pizzerias, catering, since 1958.

HUBERT CLOIX: pastry cookers for cooking creams, sauces and ganaches; multifunctional machines and ice cream makers. Ice cream makers for pastry chefs, ice cream makers and restaurants.

Together, we imagine and create a personalized solution for your project according to your needs and your constraints.

You have a bakery or pastry project? Do not hesitate to contact Alliance Fournil Concept here

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