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Baking Lab

demonstration center merand baking lab

MERAND provides its distributors and their customers with a Baking Lab demonstration centre. The aim of this baking laboratory is to allow them to test a particular recipe on one of our solutions before confirming an investment. Our machines can be configured to help you improve your production process and secure your investment.

The MERAND Baking Lab is a valuable tool to confirm the feasibility of a particular production with one of our machines. 
MERAND bakers and technicians are in charge of these demonstrations.

We also organise MERAND Baking Days, which bring together the players of the BVP sector (millers, ingredient manufacturers and multi-store bakers and industrial bakers) for themed demonstrations. Organised two or three times a year, the open days provide an opportunity to see demonstrations of different machines and lines, while exchanging ideas with colleagues and professionals in the sector.

In order to test one of our machines or bread making lines, contact us on +33 (0)2 99 04 15 30 or [email protected]

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