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Automatic bread line FlexiLine 2.0

Wholesale bakeries

We had the pleasure to talk to Jacques BELISAIRE, manager of the KARYNA bakery located in Haiti. Jacques is now running a family business, and supplying a network of more than 100 supermarkets across the capital of Port-au-Prince.
In 2011 Mr BELISAIRE decided to work with MERAND to automate his production:
“I wanted to produce baguettes. At the beginning I requested quotes from several different companies. And finally, it was MERAND's solution that convinced me the most. So today I have a volumetric divider Softy that is connected to the intermediate proofer BMF Leader, and I'm very satisfied with. For me, this is quality equipment that has always worked very well.
I highly recommend MERAND to my colleagues-bakers. The equipment is of high quality and I especially appreciated all the assistance and advices of the after-sales and sales departments. At the slightest concern, my request was taken into consideration, and through emails and phone calls MERAND was always able to guide me to the right solution".

By the way, Mr BELISAIRE has once again invested in the MERAND's equipment this year.

We thank him and the entire KARYNA team for their loyalty and wish them all the best in the future projects.

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