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Press-shaper Atoupains

Multi-store craft bakeries


Established since September 2020 in the city center of Rennes (France), the new concept of fast food & snacking "Mad Furieusement Bon" is seeing its number of customers climb at high speed, despite the rather difficult health situation. Among its products you will find a wide choice of sandwiches, salads, desserts and excellent coffee!
To make a good sandwich, you need good bread. This is how MERAND appears in this story. In May 2020, MAD invested in our press-shaper Atoupains. We had the opportunity to discuss with Mr. DUGAY, the store manager :

“Opening the store was not easy, but despite everything, we are really happy with the results. Our main goal is to provide our customers with high quality products at affordable prices. Most of our products are local and organic, including breads.

While looking for a new bread making solution, one of our main criteria was a high quality of final products. We have had a lot of positive feedbacks as for the reliability of MERAND machines, so we have chosen this manufacturer. It was a real pleasure for us to work with the MERAND team. Responsiveness, listening, good interpersonal skills, expertise ...

This press-shaper works very well, it is compact and very easy to use. Thanks to this machine, we can adjust our production to the demand, and therefore offer fresh bread throughout the day. This is very convenient, especially at the beginning of the activity, when it is still very difficult to make any forecasts. We started by selling 20 sandwiches a day. Now, after two months, we're at 70 sandwiches a day. We have set a target of 200 sandwiches / day by January 2021.

As for the quality of breads, we and our customers are very satisfied, the quality is really good, we have a lot of positive feedbacks. It is very encouraging. If everything continues going like this, we are thinking of opening new stores in Rennes and centralize production ".

Thank you to M DUGAY for having us at his store and for sharing with us his experience. It is also very encouraging for us to hear positive stories from our customers. Thank you for your loyalty!

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