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Vertical moulder Tregor & hydraulic divider Diva

Craft bakeries

We are happy to tell you about Joël SCHWALBACH - Meilleur Ouvrier (Best Worker) of France in 2015, manager of the bakery "Ptit Jean" in Rohrbach-les-Bitche (France), and a loyal user of MERAND’s machines.
The “Ptit Jean” bakery, founded in 1995 by Mr SCHWALBACH's father, was already recognized in the sector as a high-quality bakery. Joël SCHWALBACH's title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France have brought him into another level. Interestingly, this same title was obtained at the same time by his brother - Jérôme, manager of his own bakery - “La Mine de Pain” in Forbach (France).
Today, Mr. SCHWALBACH possesses two Tregor moulders and a DIVA hydraulic divider, sold and installed by our partner OMNIA Solution (France). Here is what Joël told us about his experience working with our machines:
“For me, MERAND moulders are the best machines in terms of dough shaping. I has already worked with MERAND machines at the time and I know that it is quality equipment. When it was time to replace our old moulder, I didn't hesitate and chose the Trégor vertical moulder by MERAND. About 2000 pieces are produced per day, mainly baguettes. The shaping is fast and regular which is very important for us. I am also satisfied with the DIVA divider which is simple and efficient."
We would like to thank Joël SCHWALBACH for his trust and this feedback. Thanks also to Raphaël KRACK from OMNIA Solution for his support and Mégane PERRIN for the photographic enhancement of the products. 

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